Ivan Pérard – IO

22.11.-10.12.2020IVAN PERARD IO

For extrasensory experience, I’ve been tapping into you since 80286. Controllers, input output. How virtual to move something in this world, and beyond, pixel perfect, something translates flawlessly. Precise digitised communication. Perfect speedrun of the planet. It seems the more we’ve been franticly tapping, the more we have lost control. Channelling ourselves into interpersonal media, we bug and glitch out, and disappoint. These controllers are recovering their command, they interrupt, they are curious, they demand a raw balance.

Ivan PERARD - IO Installation View

Ivan Perard IO DetailIvan Perard IO Detail 2Ivan Perard IO Detail 3Ivan Perard IO Detail 4Ivan Perard IO Detail 5Ivan Perard IO Detail 6